Stormy Sea Wave Oil Painting - Video Recording

Stormy Sea Wave Oil Painting - Video Recording


Supply List - What you will need.

Come prepared with a canvas (we suggest 16x20 or smaller);

PAINT: Ideally use Windsor and Newton Artisan water mixable oil paint consisting of

- titanium white

-phalo blue

-raw umber

-alizarin crimson (or any red, or pink)

-cadmium lemon yellow

Alternatively you can use regular (not watermixable) oil paint but if you choose to go with that you will need a solvent of your choice (turpentine, gamsol etc);


Ones that work for acrylic will work but shouldn’t be too soft, It will make it harder to rub the paint in. Firm synthetic brushes are ideal.

- One Small N2

- Couple of medium size N 5,6

- One or two bigger size brushes N 8 or so

- One big soft synthetic brush for blending. You can get it in art stores as well as hardware stores (like for painting walls), but choose a softer one. Or if you have any fan brushes on hand, those will do as well.

MUST have - palette knife of any size and shape.

  • File Format and Shared Links

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